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Free Agent:  Milkman Empty Free Agent: Milkman

Post by Milkman on Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:43 am

Name - (Jim) Milkman

Past Teams - Team Edward

Mic - Yes

Looking for - W, D, G, but I would need to learn the ropes, wouldn't be a good idea imo just because I'm not consistent in the position.

Position(s) - Anything but C

Strength(s) - Defense, most experience in this position, willing to learn and put the time in. Clean slate, would completely tailor the way I play to work with my team.

Weakness(es) - Not too much confidence, need to be apprenticed, let things get in my head (messing up plays) and struggle to get out of the mindset. I also always feel as though I'm at fault for any goals that the opposing team gets. Computer is not the greatest, lag occasionally. 4v4er, not very well tuned to 6v6 setting, especially in d. I always find myself slipping and covering the man who is most viable for a pass; I haven't adjusted to 6v6 d where you generally stick to one man. Nothing practice wont fix though.

Extra - I give a mean five knuckle shuffle.
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Free Agent:  Milkman Empty Re: Free Agent: Milkman

Post by Stoicblitzer on Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:42 pm

hay milk. i'm team jacob.

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