League Official Meeting Results - 12/15/2010

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League Official Meeting Results - 12/15/2010 Empty League Official Meeting Results - 12/15/2010

Post by KansasCity on Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:00 am

Held in : SF Ventrilo
Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
Attended LOs : KansasCity (RareBreed), Stinger, Superior, Pepsi, Anchor_Man

Topic 1: League Official Managers

Effective immediately there will be two League Official Managers to help maximize LO productivity and to promote better communication between League Officials. After a vote by the League Officials it was decided that Stinger and KansasCity will be the two managers. This will not change the voting system the League Officials use. Each person will receive a vote for each topic, each person will be in charge of tasks during the season and off season, and the tasks given will be equal between all League Officials.

This will in no way make the two League Official Managers more powerful. It is only in place to make everyone accountable for their tasks.

Topic 2: Removing Referees

During Round 1 of Season 1 it has come to the attention of the League Officials that certain referees have not been fulfilling their obligations as a referee and will be removed and replaced by individuals who will complete the tasks. The League Officials have not yet determined who will be removed as a referee. It is currently being discussed and a post will be made to notify the person(s) involved and the appropriate actions in removing admin will follow.

Topic 3: Soccer Administrator for Team Co-Captains

Due to the change in the referee system and the league losing an admin or more because of that, the League Officials have decided that all Team Co-Captains will now have admin. Previously only Team Captains were given admin as a reward for helping the league. Each team is allowed up to two co-captains. Soccer Admin will be handed out by the League Officials shortly to the people that fit in this category.

Topic 4: End of Season Awards

Tonight the League Officials voted on bringing back some form of the end of season awards which were season in Season 1 of the SSL. Awards may include, but are not limited to, Team Leader of the Season, Rookie of the Season, Most Valuable Player of the Season.

Topic 5: PSL Season 1 Stats

Premier Soccer League Season 1 Stats will be tallied and kept up to date effective immediately. Due to us not having a stats program in place to begin the season and some Round 1 scoresheets not copied, stats will be recorded starting from Round 2 on. Now it is REQUIRED by all referees to copy the score sheet at the end of each match they ref. I know most have been doing a good job of it but we need to make sure it is done now to make sure stats are recorded correctly from here on out.

Topic 6: AFK rule for pugs

Once the pug is in progress a person who goes AFK is responsible for their actions. When they are kicked and a sub has taken his or her spot without the AFK person requesting a sub, the sub then takes priority as a player on the team. The AFK person does not have the right to receive his or her spot back in the game. When the player is kicked he or she will move to the back of the sub line assuming they come back to the server within that pug. The exception to this rule is if the player ASKS for a sub and recieves one, they are then able to come back into the game if/when they come back for that pug.

Topic 7: Forum and Website Changes/Additions

Player stats will soon be shown on each players forum post. Goals and Assists will be shown as well as end of season awards when they come out. An example is shown below.

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