LO Meeting Results - 12/22/10

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LO Meeting Results - 12/22/10 Empty LO Meeting Results - 12/22/10

Post by Stinger on Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:13 am

Held in : SF Ventrilo
Duration : 2 hours 30 minutes
Attended LOs : KansasCity (RareBreed), Stinger, Superior, Anchor_Man

Roster Lock Date
Rosters will be locking on January 13th @ MIDNIGHT (EST). After this point, any team will need majority of League Officials vote to make a roster change.

Playoff System
For Season 1, the PSL System will be as follows :
- Top 4 teams make the playoffs
- First round will be 1st place vs 4th place, 2nd place vs 3rd place (best 2 out of 3)
- Finals will be the 2 winning teams of the previous round (Finals also best 2 out of 3

Deciding End Of Season Awards
League Officials have decided the awards that will be handed out at the end of the Season. Any award that is not based off a number / fact, will be voted on by the community (League Officials will give an appropiate number of players for the community to vote for).

To view the full listing of awards, go here.

Draft League / Tournament
To view all you need to know about this topic, go here.

Delay Of Game Infraction
There is now offficially a delay of game infraction for pugs AND matches. This delay of game infraction is strictly when a team shields the ball from play. Passing the ball around the field and not attempting to score will NOT be considered delay of game.

Canada vs USA Match
We will be holding a Canada vs USA friendly match some point after the season ends. For now, all that will be asked of players it to notify an LO / post if they are from Canada or the USA. More info will be released at a later date.

Match Day Highlights For Next Season / PSL Promo
Next season we plan to have COTW (Clips of the Week), commentary, highlights, etc. all posted on youtube. This should get the PSL known more, and even if it doesn't, id much rather watch highlights than read text. For detailed info / to ask how you can help ask Anchor Man or Souperior.

League Official Code Of Conduct
League Offficials now have a heavier responsibility to set an example in the PSL, and soccer in general. For more info, check out KansasCity's post here.

PSL Global Warning
We have decided to issue a global warning to the PSL. Recently, we have been trying our hardest to minimize bans from the servers, but its starting to become too much. This is the last warning we will give the league as a whole before we start bringing back weekly bans.
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LO Meeting Results - 12/22/10 Empty Re: LO Meeting Results - 12/22/10

Post by Stoicblitzer on Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:16 am

working hard during the holidays! kudos.

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LO Meeting Results - 12/22/10 Empty Re: LO Meeting Results - 12/22/10

Post by Warcat on Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:55 am

Stoicblitzer wrote:working hard during the holidays! kudos.
This ^^^

Can't wait for the COTW next season
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LO Meeting Results - 12/22/10 Empty Re: LO Meeting Results - 12/22/10

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