LO Meeting Results - 1/19/2011

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LO Meeting Results - 1/19/2011 Empty LO Meeting Results - 1/19/2011

Post by Anchor_Man on Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:02 am

Held in : LZ Ventrilo
Duration : 1 hour 30
Attended LOs :
KansasCity, Stinger, Anchor_Man, Pepsi

Moving deadlines to
west coast time

The PSL will continue to use the Eastern Standard Time Zone as their default
time zone. After a discussion of the issue, the LOs present did not feel it was
necessary to change the deadline times.

Mutes for mic

From now on, while in game in any PSL server, all players
must respect others in the server and be quite if they are excessively spamming
their mic. Admin discretion will be used, if an admin thinks a player is being
to obnoxious, a mute is aloud.

Ban system adjustments

If an admin in game feels it is necessary to ban someone,
and the rule that the player is breaking is not clearly spelled out in the
rules, then LO approval is required for the ban to go through. If a player
breaks a rule and a ban is justifiable, then the current ban system is in place.
Individuals warnings will be posted on the website, if you happen to be banned,
go check the warnings page, you will find your name with a warning from
sometime in the past. All individual players are responsible to keep up with
their own warnings.

Playoff dates and

The official Season 1 playoff schedule will be posted on the
website in the near future. Check back in the next few days to find the
official dates and times of the playoffs.

What will happen in
the summer?

The PSL LOs want to know what you guys want to do after
Season 1 is complete. Shall there be a quick 4v4 draft league? Or shall we jump
straight into Season 2? Vote will be coming soon.

Souperiour stepping
down as LO, new LO vote to come

Souperior stepped down as an LO today, so there will be a
new public vote to determine who the fifth LO will be. Vote will be coming
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