New soccer script & Pre-updated CSS

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New soccer script & Pre-updated CSS Empty New soccer script & Pre-updated CSS

Post by Toph on Mon May 30, 2011 5:51 am

Hey guys.. I see you're still continuing seasons even with the update screwing the ball physics etc..
Stats were also screwed and a few other things.. even with the latest eventscripts and such, there's nothing that could be done for some things since orangebox literally removed the functions.
It might still work for you guys.. I dunno, cos you guys use an edited version of mine with only knifing the ball counting as a touch, not touching the ball with your body.
Either way.. I thought you might wanna know about this that I posted on ACSSL forums --

I got ka fully working they way it used to be before CS:S was converted to the OrangeBox engine, by using a cracked version of the last non-orangebox CS:S.
Anyone else that wants to join a server or host a listen server just has to download a 1.8GB exe file and install it like any other program.
And running a dedicated server is even easier than it was before.

You will not get your steam account banned by using this. It runs completely parallel to steam. The client and server files are emulated without a steam.exe.

Step 1: Download and install CSS_Final_01-01-2010-DiGiTALZONE.exe (1.76 GB) | Mirror 1: WUpload | Mirror 2: ADrive
Just choose the installation folder and click next, there's nothing else to configure. (Just don't install it to your steam folder)
I recommend downloading this file with Internet Download Manager, so you can enable max connections to 16.. because this server doesn't limit the amount of connections you can have on the download, so you can download it in minutes.
Step 2: Download and install this update pack (it will detect where you installed the above file automatically): CSS_Update_(01-02-2010)_DiGiTALZONE.exe (14.1 MB)
Step 3: Use the 'Counter-Strike Source' shortcut (that the installer from step 1 created) on your desktop to play.

If you want a single step instead of downloading the installer then patching it, or your download is going too slow with the above steps,
Use my KA_Downloader app instead of following the above steps.
Just choose your installation folder and click Install. It will download all the necessary files with multiple connections to the server (should be 16x faster).
If a download is corrupt, it will re-analyse the file with uTorrent and re-download any corrupt parts.
After you press install, all you have to do is wait. When it's done, use the desktop shortcut to play CS.

You'll only be able to play on servers running this older version of CS:S.
Server admins or anyone wanting to host a ded server, just install this after installing the above files (again it will detect the folder you installed the first one too): SRCDS_Addon_01-01-2010-DiGiTALZONE.exe (683 KB)

I've also updated the script.. but most of the changes I can remember shouldn't effect you guys that much, since you use god-mode.
I Added NativeTools Enabled option in config, aswell as other fixes to prevent script from failing with OB version of eventscripts as much.
Auto-team-killing-slays and auto-team-stealing-slays options.
Stats are now fully functional with kills. TK's and Self-Kills are also included.

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New soccer script & Pre-updated CSS Empty Re: New soccer script & Pre-updated CSS

Post by Stinger on Mon May 30, 2011 11:45 am

We use XSL's script with major customization. It has most of the features from before the update (including stats).

I also heard about this cracked CSS before but also heard instead of it being vac bannable, its just straight out illegal instead Surprised
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New soccer script & Pre-updated CSS Empty Re: New soccer script & Pre-updated CSS

Post by meh on Tue May 31, 2011 10:53 am

yeah I used to use it on one of my old servers, valve can technically sue you for using it if they find out but I doubt they care that much...

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New soccer script & Pre-updated CSS Empty Re: New soccer script & Pre-updated CSS

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