First Official Trade Announced!

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First Official Trade Announced! Empty First Official Trade Announced!

Post by Warcat on Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:07 am

The first trade of the first ever PSL draft league has been announced.

After much deliberation mK and CnQr came to a deal. Lonewolf and CMurda of mK have been traded to CnQr for Panda and ChickenWaffles.

PS: Lonewolf was the GM for mK and was traded to CnQr so Stinger the other GM of mK is going to have to appoint a new GM with his or her consent. Any other team is allowed to do this but it is discouraged because trading GMs can get quite confusing, the only reason this deal was made was because of the team's involved having situations that needed to be revised in order for them to even keep on playing in the season.
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