Player Interviews 01 - Panda/MV/Pride - Feb 7

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Player Interviews 01 - Panda/MV/Pride - Feb 7 Empty Player Interviews 01 - Panda/MV/Pride - Feb 7

Post by Stinger on Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:59 am

I decided to do some interviews with some players and ask them some of the pressing matters in the league today. First up I interviewed Panda as a long time, well-respected veteran player of the league.

Stinger: An obvious question #1 - Theres been a lot of speculation from fellow players saying that SvP could be making a return in this season. Is there any truth to that?
.::SvP::. panda: Haha, well sorry to disappoint, but I can't give a definite yes or no. It really depends on how the draft format ends up. The people from SvP that still play love to play together, and that's about as concise as I can put it.

Stinger: Fair enough. What type of player can others expect you to be this season?
.::SvP::. panda: New players probably have no idea what to expect from me. Last season I was extremely inactive after getting traded simply because my schedule didn't work out. This season, however, I've got plenty more free time. I'm gonna put in the effort to make every game. I'd expect and would prefer to see me in center, but that really depends on where I'm needed for my team.

Stinger: Is there any specific players you look forward to either playing with or against in the upcoming season?
.::SvP::. panda: Oh definitely. It goes without saying, but I'd love to play with SvP. Outside of that, I'd really like to be on a team with Quick. For a new player, he seems like he'd be more than willing to take captains advice, which is one of his strongest points. Players like that are open slates, and as we've seen before, those players seem to get pretty good pretty quick. As far as going against, I'm always up for a challenge against yourself or Lone in center. That has been my main competition for years. I also think Fatal will be a key component of whatever team he ends up on, whether I'm with or against him.

Stinger: Do you have any personal goals for this upcoming season?
.::SvP::. panda: The biggest goal I have this season is activity and helping out my teammates. I want to be able to play (or sit and watch) most matches and help out those that need it within my team. I'm not too concerned with outscoring anyone or taking the champ, but I'd like to at least see my team enter the playoffs. I have fun in any match, the competition and "team factor" is way different than it is in pugs.

Stinger: My last question for this interview, Do you foresee a regular season happening anytime in the near future in the PSL?
.::SvP::. panda: That's a tough question. My short answer: no. My long answer: maybe. Open competition is such a mess with this small of a community. When you have captains that will do whatever it takes to win (not saying this is bad), you get stacked teams. In the past I've always believed that people could rise up and any given match they could take out the best of the best. Nowadays I don't think it's nearly as possible. The veterans have been playing so long and know all the intricate details of this game by now. If you have a team of veteran players, you're basically leaps and bounds ahead of every other team. The only way a reg season could happen is if there were restrictions. As of right now, we have no proper method of doing that. Until we get to that point, expect to see a draft season.

Stinger: That concludes the interview, thanks for taking your time to answer these questions.
Stinger: thx qt! <3
.::SvP::. panda: Thanks qt Very Happy <3


Next up I decided to interview Michael V as a veteran and a captain of a team.

Stinger: You signed up as a captain for team OP, what does this team hope to achieve in the upcoming season?
Michael V #9: Well, we are just in it for the fun and for a good time. We aren't playing for the competition or to be #1. We just want to have smooth games where everyone is happy and no one rages, we also would like some newer people on our team so we can train them. We're just looking to work together as a team and train ourselves to be more stable and be better at playing together.

Stinger: What type of player can others expect you to be this season?
Michael V #9: I'm always going to be at every match whether I play or not. I'm mostly going to play on the defensive side of the field d/g, while the newer players will be on offense. Although i'm just in it for the fun I will give it my all in matches and I am looking forward to facing a team like LZR as it will be a challenging match, and not just a match against an easy team, which is more fun for me.

Stinger: Well that kind of ties into my next question. Is there any players you look forward to either playing with or against?
Michael V #9: I am looking forward to playing with meh and saint because we are all very defensive players and can really get a shutout going if we tried, me and meh have made a great defensive combo in the past and weve definitely kept a lock on offense trying to score. Like I said before, I am looking forward to facing the more challenging teams as I will have to try harder and it will be a lot of fun!

Stinger: Which do you perfer personally, a draft season or regular season?
Michael V #9: I prefer a draft season because you can be playing with people you've never really talked to before or people you've never really pugged with or been on the same team with. It's a more interesting game with a draft as the teams have to learn how to adapt with each other in the playoffs before the season starts. I also think its fun playing with newer people as they look up to you and they want to be a better player and its up to the captains and themselves to make that happen, by training and having an hour with the team once a week. Overall I was on a team that forfeited almost every match due to inactivity but I'm hoping that it won't be as much of a problem as it was in last season, and previous regular seasons

Stinger: That once again leads me into my next and final question. What do you think needs to be the single biggest improvement in the upcoming PSL season?
Michael V #9: I really think the biggest improvement should be forfeits. There were so many last season that it was a disaster. There were so many matches I'm sure many people would've wanted to play but couldn't because their team couldn't field enough players. I'm sure the outcome of the season would be completely different and different teams would've been in the playoffs if it wasn't for the forfeits.

Stinger: That concludes the interview, thanks for taking your time to answer these questions.
Stinger: TY <3
Michael V #9: yw Very Happy


Finally I interviewed Pride, as a veteran who is currently not signed up for the league and tried to find out why.

Stinger: If you could name one thing the PSL needs to improve on most, what would it be?
Pride: can you be more specific
Stinger: It is meant to be a broad question. If you could change ANYTHING in the PSL what would it be? A rule? A season format? Remove a player from the league? Anything goes, just keep it realistic.
Pride: LOs that know rules and don't take
Pride: 10 mins to take action
Pride: when they are in a pug

Stinger: Which type of season would you personally perfer? A draft season or a regular season?
Pride: regular
Stinger: Care to expand on why?
Pride: I don't like playing with people that doesn't share my playing style
Pride: or fags who i cant stand
Pride: but last season went ok
Pride: but it would have probably been horrible if i wasn't GM
Pride: And draft... you always get a few who won't play on your team
Pride: but obviously are the next best choice

Stinger: Fair enough. You are currently one of the veteran players not signed up for the upcoming draft season, is there any specific reason(s) why other than it not being a regular season?
Pride: waiting till people i like signs up
Pride: might form a team

Stinger: That concludes the interview, thanks for taking your time to answer these questions.
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