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Player Interviews 02 - Stinger - Feb 8 Empty Player Interviews 02 - Stinger - Feb 8

Post by Stinger on Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:00 am

After I interviewed 3 players in the league, Meh decided to interview me in return.

Harold T. Wilkins: Hello there, this is your host Meh speaking with the infamous head LO of the PSL - Stinger
Harold T. Wilkins: How are you doing this fine evening Stinger?
Stinger: Pretty good sir.
Harold T. Wilkins: Excellent
Harold T. Wilkins: So I figured I'd start this by asking you some questions that pertain to your position in the league
Harold T. Wilkins: and then ask you some about you as a player

Harold T. Wilkins: so Question 1 - What are some of your specific goals for improvement in the the upcoming draft season after the controversies and failures of S3?
Stinger: I think first and foremost we need to address the amount of forfeits. There has been a variety of ideas that have been thrown around to try and improve this, but I personally am very interested in trying something in regards to the schedule itself. I do not feel the issue is the activity of the players, but more the dedication of showing up on a predetermined day and time. This has the potential to be fixed by making a 'soft' schedule instead of a hard schedule, where teams would instead have a range of dates to agree on the match with the other captain. I can't take credit for this idea, but I definitely feel it could be effective.
Harold T. Wilkins: Interesting, I think that's a pretty damn good idea

Harold T. Wilkins: Question 2 - Following the last question, is there anything that you are particularly worried about with S4?
Stinger: Honestly my main concern is getting enough players. I believe that having the draft season in the first place was a bad idea. It gave players preference as to what type of season they'd like. So now we have a split community, with some players wanting a draft season and other players wanting a regular season, as apposed to before when it was strictly regular seasons and no preference was given. Of course now, I feel draft seasons are the better choice for future seasons as the benefits it potentially offers as ones we cannot afford to pass up on at this point.
Harold T. Wilkins: As you know I have a strong opinion on this aswell but I'll leave that out of this interview Wink

Harold T. Wilkins: Question 3 - Here's an interesting one, do you think the league has progressed or regressed since the SSL? That is are we better off today as we learn from our mistakes or is the opposite true in your honest opinion.
Stinger: Do you mean since S5 of SSL or S1 of SSL?
Harold T. Wilkins: Since as long as we've had a structured league.
Stinger: We have done both - it depends which part of the league you mean. I would say we have progressed in our scripts, our league map, and skill. Most will instantly disagree with me on skill, but I guarantee if there was a way to test the skill of our average player now versus a average player back in S1 / S2, that itd be a blowout. By progressing on the map, I just mean by visuals. The map we have now looks a ton better then the old map. As far as most other aspects, id say we've regressed. Activity, amount of players, professionalism, and just the overall status of our league have all dropped since the SSL days. By professionalism I mean the attitude of the veterans in the league and our site. There is no debating that when we had our own TRUE site and a sponsorship that we were more professional and legit then we are now.
Harold T. Wilkins: I'll agree with you on most of that.

Harold T. Wilkins: Ok last question about you as head LO - How stressful is your position in the league? About how much work is involved and do you find it mostly rewarding or frustrating?
Stinger: My position in the league definitely takes its toll. I have been a League Official for 5 seasons straight now, and have found a lot of the time that I just burn out and need to take a break from it for a bit. As far as work, there isn't too much once everything gets going. During my 5 seasons, I have almost came up with a mental list of what needs to get done for a season to start, which can involve a heavyish work load for a few days, but then once the season gets going its really only updating standings, stats, scripts, and maybe some reffing. Most of the real work comes when other players have issues. Settling an argument or ending drama can really drain you if you find yourself doing it weekly. I also have never felt its right to keep a player off your friends list if you are a League Official as they may want to contact you randomly about a issue. Recently I haven't been able to hold true to this for 2 players though as I cannot stand them annoying me all the time with pointless banter. The only rewarding feeling I get is when I do something that gets public appreciation, the rest is just tedious work that provides no personal gain.
Harold T. Wilkins: I think a lot of the league will find that answer pretty interesting

Harold T. Wilkins: Alright just two more questions
Harold T. Wilkins: I've noticed over the past year that you really do play every position. Is there a particular position or playing style that you tend to favor over another? Are you more interested in simply scoring goals and winning pugs or would you rather make a team play and get other players involved?
Stinger: My clear cut favorite position would be right wing. However, this is a selfish choice. I feel my best position is RD if I turn off my music during the game. But for right wing, I like to try and play a defensive style of wing. My 2 philosophies for wing is that if you play in front of your defender when the ball is in your end of the field, that you are likely to receive almost double the amount of clears. My second is that a wing needs to cover the drop to the best of his ability. Having the drop wide open leaves your teams defender useless and gives a free opportunity for a solid scoring chance for the other team, not to mention it prolongs the ball getting cleared to you. I like to consider the way I play the offensive side of W to be unique. I have a variety of dekes and moves to use in the corner, as well as in the open field. Saying this, I will always look to pass rather than shoot if I feel it gives a better scoring opportunity. As far as getting other players involved, I try to do my best at that too, however when I play with Lone its a different story. When you play with someone you have great chemistry with, you tend to instantly look at them or think to pass to them rather than someone else. Anyone who has someone they have great chemistry with probably knows what I mean. It just happens naturally.
Harold T. Wilkins: Awesome, last question before I end up giving you carpal tunnel

Harold T. Wilkins: We all have our reasons why we play this game, whether it be because we enjoy the community or just love to pug. How long have you played counter-strike soccer and what is it that keeps you coming back season after season?
Stinger: Ive been playing CS Soccer for about 5 years now. What a lot of people don't know is that it was my brother who showed me the mod and got me into it. Although he didn't last long, I kept playing and was lucky enough to make / join a couple teams that sparked my interest even further. After a few months it became about being better and wanting to be competitive in pugs. At this point my skill and maturity wasn't high at all, so I remember when I got put wing against someone who I thought was better then me, I would give up before the game even started. Eventually my reasons changed though, from S2-S4 it was about certain players in the league I enjoyed playing with, and then from S4 - until now its been the players and learning skills. I have found myself learning more from this game and being on the computer a lot then anything else. Now today, I have been accepted into gaming programming at college and will be starting in September, and I have CS Soccer to thank for that.
Harold T. Wilkins: I think everybody in the league who reads this will find your answers very interesting

Harold T. Wilkins: That concludes this interview, thanks for your time man
Stinger: nope thank you dude Very Happy beast questions
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