Player Interviews 03 - Bazooka Joe - Feb 10th

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Player Interviews 03 - Bazooka Joe - Feb 10th  Empty Player Interviews 03 - Bazooka Joe - Feb 10th

Post by Dill on Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:16 am

.::SvP::. Dill: I'm here today with Bazooka Joe, a source soccer legend! How are you BJ?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: im good thx dill!

.::SvP::. Dill: Speaking of BJ, how do you feel about Black Jesus taking your name in your absence?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: ...
.::SvP::. Dill: Fair enough.
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: I feel disrespected that people would even call him BJ
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: thats all im going to say
.::SvP::. Dill: I must admit, it was quite confusing and misleading!

.::SvP::. Dill: I want to try some word associations...will you just tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when I state the following words or phrases:

.::SvP::. Dill: CS:S Soccer
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: gay

.::SvP::. Dill: SSL
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: legit

.::SvP::. Dill: PSL
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: crappy

.::SvP::. Dill: XSL
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: craptastic

.::SvP::. Dill: ACSSL
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: alittlebetterthanthexsl

.::SvP::. Dill: 180
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: alfy

.::SvP::. Dill: Dill dorp
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: sucks

.::SvP::. Dill: Church
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: legend

.::SvP::. Dill: pen0r
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: penis

.::SvP::. Dill: Chex-up
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: time-waster

.::SvP::. Dill: Panda
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: <3er

.::SvP::. Dill: Alright...those could go on for quite some time. In your opinion, could you rank the positions on the field from most important to least important.
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: D,C,G,W

.::SvP::. Dill: Do you prefer Left or Right? Or does it matter?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: it doesnt matter to me, and i have never understood why it matters for some people

.::SvP::. Dill: Of all the seasons you've been involved in, which would be your favorite and why?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: Season 3 of the SSL is the one that usually pops up when i think about soccer. Playing with all of my SVP teammates was just a blast and the way we won the finals was just insane

.::SvP::. Dill: That was a fantastic Season if I do say so myself. ....What about your least favorite season and why?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: the last SSL season... it wasnt ended properly and it was never properly settled about who the best team was. IMO no one really won that season
.::SvP::. Dill: Yeah, I really hated the way S5 ended. Unfortunate.

.::SvP::. Dill: Are you looking forward to S4 of the PSL?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: S4 should be... interesting to say the least... I really dont know what to expect competition wise or even activity wise. But i always enjoy playing against organized teams so yes i am looking foward to it.

.::SvP::. Dill: Can you elaborate on any plans you may have regarding a SvP team forming?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: Lets just say its not going to be what some people expect it to be Smile

.::SvP::. Dill: If you could change one thing about the current PSL, what would it be?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: Hard to say
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: I guess it would be that the people in the community were more unified like in the past
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: where we would all play with one another outside of just soccer

.::SvP::. Dill: We're currently trying to recruit new players into the league. Is there any advice you might have for a player new to the league?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: Its tough coming into a league where everyone has known eachother for years and played the game for years. Just keep your head up and keep trying. I know some people can be assholes but just ignore them. There is only a few of them and everyone else is usually helpful. Just keep practicting and soon youll get to the skill level you want to be at

.::SvP::. Dill: One last've been playing CS:S for nearly 5-6 years now if I recall correctly. Is there anything you would want to tell young BJ?
.::SvP::. Bazooka Joe: Enjoy the early years because they were the golden years before some faggot had to update CSS

.::SvP::. Dill: Awesome. Thanks for your time!

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Player Interviews 03 - Bazooka Joe - Feb 10th  Empty Re: Player Interviews 03 - Bazooka Joe - Feb 10th

Post by CR7 on Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:25 pm

well said BJ how dare people call him BJ....ur the real BJ <3
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