Official Season 4 Schedule

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Official Season 4 Schedule Empty Official Season 4 Schedule

Post by Stinger on Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:00 pm

---------------------------Round 1---------------------------

Week 1 (Monday March 12th - Sunday March 18th) :

Billigans vs. hB
Rare vs. Billigans
TNO vs. OP
LZR vs. Rare
OP vs. hB

Week 2 (Monday March 19th - Sunday March 25th) :

Billigans vs. LZR
hB vs. TNO
Rare vs. hB
OP vs. Billigans
TNO vs. Rare
LZR vs. OP

Week 3 (Monday March 26th - Sunday April 1st) :

Billigans vs. TNO
hB vs. LZR
Rare vs. OP

---------------------------Round 2---------------------------

Week 4 (Monday April 2nd - Sunday April 8th) :

hB vs. Billigans
Billigans vs. Rare
hB vs. OP
Rare vs. LZR
OP vs. TNO

Week 5 (Monday April 9th - Sunday April 15th) :

TNO vs. hB
LZR vs. Billigans
Billigans vs. OP
hB vs. Rare
OP vs. LZR
Rare vs. TNO

Week 6 (Monday April 16th - Sunday April 22nd) :

LZR vs. hB
TNO vs. Billigans
OP vs. Rare

You can also view the schedule for just your own team in the 'My team' section.
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