Season 5 Official Rosters

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Season 5 Official Rosters Empty Season 5 Official Rosters

Post by scop3r on Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:59 am

Official Season 5 Rosters


Candyman | ChickenWaffles | Scoper

Roster (11)
Amen (STEAM_0:0:19103946)
Candyman (STEAM_0:1:8294226)
Ceaseless Discharge (STEAM_0:1:23434673)
ChickenWaffles (STEAM_0:1:19061818)
Dursac (STEAM_0:0:16139634)
Lazer (STEAM_0:0:13419195)
Scoper (STEAM_0:1:15487005)
Sky (STEAM_0:0:15487334)
Snuffy (STEAM_0:1:18238756)
Stoic (STEAM_0:1:21249254)


Beary Awesome
Panda | Balls

Roster (9)
Balls (STEAM_0:0:24346696)
Cueball (STEAM_0:0:13784988)
Deltanoob (STEAM_0:0:442706)
Ibra (STEAM_0:1:40571740)
Jay (STEAM_0:0:15902356)
Jurik (STEAM_0:0:1227180)
Panda (STEAM_0:1:6042421)
Racine (STEAM_0:1:29148298)
Tactics (STEAM_0:1:26956854)


Friends With Benefits

Stinger | Free | Lonewolf

Roster (11)
Arctic (STEAM_0:0:12777717)
Cosmo (STEAM_0:1:40543772)
DFA (STEAM_0:0:546715)
Donuts (STEAM_0:1:10972845)
Free (STEAM_0:0:9528770)
KansasCity (STEAM_0:1:11350429)
Lawliet (STEAM_0:0:9635020)
Lonewolf (STEAM_0:0:8496851)
Shaggy (STEAM_0:0:19401167)
Spero (STEAM_0:0:39667259)
Stinger (STEAM_0:1:3000905)


Quick | Maximus Prime

Roster (10)
Forbidder (STEAM_0:0:2712997)
Fresh (STEAM_0:1:4756820)
Maximus Prime (STEAM_0:1:21377343)
Michael V (STEAM_0:1:27666335)
Nad (STEAM_0:0:15211175)
Pazzini (STEAM_0:1:5551526)
Quick (STEAM_0:0:2023517)
Tycho (STEAM_0:1:18161220)
Warcat (STEAM_0:1:18238756)
Weef (STEAM_0:0:22296534)


Pride | Fatal | GhosT

Roster (11)
Bryy (STEAM_ 0:0:445631)
Dill (STEAM_0:1:1626761)
Face (STEAM_0:0:15388059)
Fatal (STEAM_0:1:11977149)
Ghost (STEAM_0:1:668226)
Hova (STEAM_0:0:12779471)
Loading (STEAM_0:0:19155222)
Premade (STEAM_0:1:3386989)
Pride (STEAM_0:0:9838403)
Shadow (STEAM_0:1:19210032)
Spock (STEAM_0:1:123226)


Zombies Reborn
Dragon | Capsfan | irool

Roster (11)
Alex (STEAM_0:0:8375590)
Capsfan (
Dragon (STEAM_0:0:9471875)
Fatdam (STEAM_0:0:7971000)
Herbal Smokin (STEAM_0:1:45739200)
irool (STEAM_0:1:31733364)
Milkman (STEAM_0:0:11123561)
Omega (STEAM_0:1:7324491)
Sandman (STEAM_0:1:29983378)
Sep11insidejob (STEAM_0:1:11428543)
Universound (STEAM_0:0:8375543)


Update Log
8/15 - Added Bryy to Thunder
8/15 - Removed Bryy from Fuh-Q
8/15 - Removed Mitch from Thunder
8/14 - Promoted Capsfan and irool to captains of Zombies Reborn
8/14 - Added Sandman to Zombies Reborn
8/14 - Removed Sandman from Beary Awesome
8/14 - Removed Toxic from Zombies Reborn
8/13 - Removed Furtif from Beary Awesome
8/2 - Added Capsfan to Zombies Reborn
8/1 - Added Balls as captain of Beary Awesome
8/1 - Added Racine to Beary Awesome
8/1 - Added Deltanoob to Beary Awesome
7/31 - Removed CR7 from Beary Awesome
7/29 - Added Universound to Zombies Reborn
7/29 - Added Cueball to Beary Awesome
7/26 - Added Ceaseless Discharge to BallHugs
7/25 - Added Tactics and Balls to Beary Awesome
7/25 - Removed Balls from Zombies Reborn
7/25 - Added Alex to Zombies Reborn
7/25 - Removed Alex from Beary Awesome
7/25 - Added Bryy to Fuh-Q
7/25 - Removed Bryy from Zombies Reborn
7/24 - Added Dill to Thunder
7/24 - Removed Dill from Beary Awesome
7/24 - Added Spero to Friends With Benefits
7/23 - Added Balls and Bryy to Zombies Reborn
7/23 - Removed C-Murda and Deltanoob from Zombies Reborn
7/22 - Added GhosT as captain of Thunder
7/20 - Added Free and Lonewolf as captains to Friends With Benefits

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