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Post by Dill on Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:49 pm

So last night I got my first ever Penta Kill! I was playing Varus in a Gold Ranked game...I had Akali (top) / Lux (Support) / Rengar (Jungle) / Wukong (Mid) against Morde (Mid) / Lee Sin (Top) / J4 (Jungle) / Draven (ADC) / Nunu (Support).

We get Baron and had the mid inhibitor down. We decide to push bot, so of course Wukong heads top and Rengar immediately goes bot with none of us there (Soloqueue ftw). He finds a Draven who he quickly and successfully suicides to (Draven >>> Rengar). So now with 4v5 and Wukong still working his way down from top, we decide to keep pushing bot. Meanwhile I notice J4 likes to farm in the mid lane making it an even 4v4 unless he decides to get his jolly Demacian ass down there to help. Regardless, we push the tower down and go on the inhib. It's almost dead when they decide to be ballers and initiate on us!

I start to back away as they go balls to the wall to kill us. Nunu pulls out one of his testicles and pops Wukong with his icey ball of glory to slow him down. Meanwhile, a wild Lee Sin appears from the Jungle and I narrowly miss his Q which lands on Wukong (he is blind, so it's okay). I pop Lee a few times and then Nunu, trying to be a Nunu, comes trotting forward. I know he wants to ult us so I focus him. He starts channeling his ult right as my Hail of Arrows lands on his fat Nunu face and he dies. Next Lee Sin jumps in to avenge Nunu's death. I hit him a few times, pop my Q on him, and send the handicapped monk to the grave. Morde meanwhile thinks he es #1, but he es really #3 to die! Next Draven gets his handlebar mustache torn off after I flash in for the 4th kill. I flashed to ensure he couldn't sneak away to some gay bar before I gave him my load (of arrows). Then, after being content farming mid, J4 finally appears to try to kill the low HP Wukong. He jumps in all handy dandy like and I go to town on that tanky bitch. He kills Wukong and is like DEMACI......AH FUCK THIS. So he flashes away, but he has 3 stacks of Blight on him and low health. I load up a max range Q and aim just above him where I think he may try to dodge to, and I just hit him for the PENTAAAAAA KILLLLLLLLLLLL. Then we win the game, gg.

Watch the video to see it unfold!


EDIT: I know it's not the best or mostest beastest penta ever, but it's my first one and I wanted to share it. Smile
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Post by ChickenWaffles on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:11 pm

Good to know you finally found a game you're good at.

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